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Introduction to Meditation and Buddhism

Monday Evenings, 7pm - 9pm
March 30th - May 4th

In this six-week course we will introduce the art of Buddhist meditation and the core principles of Buddhism. Meditation is the systematic development of higher states of awareness and a deeper experience of kindness and compassion. Two simple meditation techniques will be covered: one focuses on the development of a tranquil and concentrated mind; the other on the cultivation of friendliness and goodwill towards ourselves and other living beings. We will also explore some of the core principles of Buddhism and how they can meaningfully effect the way we live. Some of the topics covered will include the Four Noble Truths, the Noble Eightfold Path and their practical applications in today's world. The fee for the class is $90, although all are welcome regardless of ability to pay.

This course is suitable for the newcomer, aged 18 or over, who has had little or no experience with meditation or Buddhism.

See below for how to register for this course.

Going Deeper - The Tibetan Wheel of Life

Monday Evenings, 7:30pm - 9pm
May 11th - May 25th

The Wheel of Life is a pictorial depiction, and a mirror for the mind, that describes the processes of existence, or Samsara. It is a great introduction to a Buddhist world view. Through fascinating images, the Wheel of Life helps us understand where we are and where we are going when traversing the Buddhist path.

In this class, we will be looking at our lives through the lens of the Wheel of Life, examining what drives us, and how this begins to create a "world" in which we live. We'll examine the various "worlds" our minds create and how to recognize and work with them so we don't get lost in Samsara.

We'll explore the links of conditioned existence, exploring how the mind participates in bringing things into being, and how to work with these natural processes to lead us towards freedom. This class will look at different interpretations of the Wheel of Life, and examine how the different modes of approaching it inform and participate with each other. Mostly, we'll have fun getting to know some of the mysterious realms of Buddhism more deeply. Please join us.

This course is suitable for one with some basic knowledge of Buddhism or has taken an Introductory Buddhism class.

Suggested donation $45, register by contacting us at

Where Do I Sign Up for the Introduction to Meditation & Buddhism Course?

We ask that prospective students register for classes so that we can get a sense of interest level - we need a minimum number signed up to run a class, but we also only will enroll a maximum number to make the class more enjoyable for those participating. Classes often do fill up. Here's how to register:

1. Either e mail us at or call us on (801) 872-8332
2. Send a non-refundable deposit of $25 to Seattle Buddhist Center, 12056 15th Ave NE, Unit C-2, Seattle, WA 98125. Make checks out to "Seattle Buddhist Center". Be sure to include your name and email address with your check so we can confirm your reservation.

Space is limited. Your deposit secures your place in the class.

All are welcome regardless of ability to pay. If you cannot afford the full deposit please email us and we will work with you to find an affordable arrangement.

Seattle Buddhist Center
12056 15th Ave NE
Unit C-2
Seattle, WA 98125

(801) 872-8332